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About Us

Magna Painting of Stone Oak prides itself on great craftsmanship and excellent quality painting. We operate in Stone Oak, San Antonio and all other surrounding counties. I and my team are very energetic, professional and determined. My goal is to make sure your painting project is as stress free as possible. I also aim to ensure the quality of the workmanship is at an all time high. 


The Owner's Process & Promise

Before starting a project, I make sure with every homeowner that we are on the same page of what's expected. My expectations are extremely high so most of my business are returning customers or word of mouth. The only way to build a successful painting business is to make sure your quality surpasses the competition. We have that covered. My main goal is to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the entire process.



Our team is known for the quality and efficiency on all the projects we do. We treat all projects, commercial or residential, the same when it comes to quality. We do not cut corners but instead do it right the first time.



We have a large solid team where everyone works extremely well each other. We take care of our employees and them doing the same in return shows in their workmanship.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Payment is not required until you are completely satisfied with your project. It's a policy we stand by to establish trust with our customers. It has helped keep our quality standards high and allowed our business relationships to thrive.

Do you have a project you are ready to start? Let's make that vision a reality.

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